Summer 2023 was a hoot

It has been an amazing year for the Alum! We attended Grand Chapter with over 25 brothers meeting in Toronto for the event. The 90th drew over 150 people over the course of the weekend. Weekly socials were held and walking lunches to keep our brothers healthy and social. Our annual Alumni Boat Tour of the Arm was held and several other events around Hfx Wanderers, downtown establishments and other less formal events.

Your Alumni Chapter also donated over $4000 to active chapter travel to KLTW and Grand Chapter.

We are now transitioning into supporting the active chapter with new mentoring programs- formal and informal- recruitment and rebooting our Alumni Membership and Networking programs to ensure we have plenty of bank to support future travel and scholarship needs. If you are interested in supporting, we need help on membership drive, online presence, marketing and active support! Contact any of the alumni on the site or Facebook to assist.

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