Summer 2023 was a hoot

It has been an amazing year for the Alum! We attended Grand Chapter with over 25 brothers meeting in Toronto for the event. The 90th drew over 150 people over the course of the weekend. Weekly socials were held and walking lunches to keep our brothers healthy and social. Our annual Alumni Boat Tour of the Arm was held and several other events around Hfx Wanderers, downtown establishments and other less formal events.

Your Alumni Chapter also donated over $4000 to active chapter travel to KLTW and Grand Chapter.

We are now transitioning into supporting the active chapter with new mentoring programs- formal and informal- recruitment and rebooting our Alumni Membership and Networking programs to ensure we have plenty of bank to support future travel and scholarship needs. If you are interested in supporting, we need help on membership drive, online presence, marketing and active support! Contact any of the alumni on the site or Facebook to assist.

Three Gamma Rho Brothers honoured at Grand Chapter

Gamma Rho hit an unprecedented triple at Grand Chapter in Toronto in June.

Brother Tony Sanderson ’97 was awarded the Order of Constantine. Awarded in front of a couple hundred brothers and over 20 Gamma Rho’s, he joined the highest Order in our Fraternity.

Brother Scott Christie ’88 was awarded the Outstanding Alumni Chapter Officer for the whole Fraternity, becoming our first alumni to receive the award. His award came for longstanding service to Gamma Rho and in particular leadership and growth since the pandemic.

Brother Dave Finlayson ’98 was awarded the 7 Lights award as one of 16 winners in the Fraternity for exemplary service with a minimum of 20 years. Dave’s work with Anniversary celebrations, awards, events and as past President for the chapter was recognized.

Anthony Sanderson ’94 awarded Order of Constantine

We are very proud to welcome Brother Anthony Sanderson into the Order of Constantine. The order is the highest honour we can give a Sigma Chi who has committed years of exemplary service to the Fraternity. He joins Eric Thomson ’68 and Jim Lawley ’79 as brothers initiated at Gamma Rho to join the order. We also claim Al Williams (Western) on our team due to his hard work at our local level. Thanks to Shawn P. George (Past Grand Praetor/ Order member), Scott Christie (Past Alumni Chapter President) and Michael Ursillo (Past Grand Consule/ Order member) for writing amazing letters of reference.

A few of the notes from his nomination letters:

“He proved himself early in his career, as an excellent recruiter for the Fraternity and a community advocate for fundraising. He is one of the key contributors to Sigma Chi in Halifax for over 25 years and a great many brothers have either joined because of his efforts or come back as an alumnus due to his persistence. It is not an overstatement to say that without Tony’s efforts over the years, Gamma Rho would not be in as good a shape as it is today.”SG

“He is a creator. He conceived of and launched the Wickwire Weekend, pulling together over 50 brothers during quiet time for the chapter. In our work together, he shows consideration for all participants and makes sure that new and established brothers share in the festivities. Tony’s work pulling together our Sweetheart Ball each year is important and he is crucial to our team. We trust him to get things done and ensure great attendance.” SC

“There is no area of chapter or alumni life which he has not touched as a transformational leader in support of Gamma Rho including recruitment, fundraising, chapter support, and communications, among others.Tony is a very worthy candidate fo ~his noble honor. His love for and commitment to Sigma Chi is worthy of emulation wholeheartedly endorse him for this honor.”MU

To see the other new members:

Brothers, much more to come.. please reach out to Tony and share the love! He will be formally accepting his award at the 90th and will be attending Grand Chapter.

Gamma Rho Roll Call of Distinction

Gamma Rho Roll Call of Distinction

Gamma Rho is heading into our 90th year. The Alumni Chapter has been looking for new ways to recognize Sigma Chi Alumni that are making an impact in a variety of areas. 

Plan for Rollout:

In Year 1 we will recognize all Significant Sigs and Order of Constantine Brothers + up to 3 new members at the Friday night Event of the 90th. In year 1, applications are due by Feb 28. Going forward, awards can be given at the Ball or as part of another event. 


All Members who are chosen as Significant Sigs, Order of Constantine or 7 Lights winners are automatically inducted in the next year. Alumni brothers who were initiated in other chapters but are established in Halifax are eligible. Members do not have to be Chapter Members to receive the award. 

Categories for Roll Call include, but are not limited to:

  1. Leadership       
  2. Business/ Entrepreneurship     
  3. Politics 
  4. Excellence in Medical/Legal/Accounting
  5. Entrepreneur
  6. Social Enterprise
  7. Philanthropy
  8. Sports
  9. Music   
  10. Active Chapter Mentorship and Involvement 
  11. Friend of Gamma Rho (Brothers from another chapter who have supported Gamma Rho)

Nominate a Brother:

Provide a one page document or letter highlighting the brother’s accomplishments in the category. Up to 2 further letters of commendation will be considered for each application and they can be from community members or brothers. The committee will take into account all activities that bring Honour to Sigma Chi. 

Please share any general Fraternity awards the nominee may have received including 7 Lights Award, Grand Consul citation etc. 

Nominations open September 1 and close December 15 of each year, except in 2022-23 that will launch December 1 and close Feb 28. Email Nominations to

Special consideration will be given to brothers who have been nominated for International awards.