Significant Awards

Do you know a brother that we could nominate for Significant Sig or Order of Constantine and other International Awards? Email with your ideas.

Roll Call of Distinction

Includes all Order of Constantine and Significant Sigs plus the following brothers who joined this new Roll Call on May 5, 2023. 

Scott Christie ’88

Alistair Croll ’90

Phil Kempton ’90

Order of Constantine Members from Gamma Rho

Anthony Sanderson ’94

Jim Lawley ’79

Eric Thomson ’68

Al Williams Affiliated from Western and past President of Alumni Chapter

Significant Sigs from Gamma Rho

Brice Scheschuk ’94

James Dodds ’99

Andrew Stuart ’92

Phil Fraser (affiliated) ’83

Colin MacDonald ’68

Dr. Bill Stanish ’70

Dr. Roderick McInnes ’65

Hon. Stewart McInnes ’58

Hon. Richard Hatfield ’56

Alexander Campbell ’55

Hon. Gordon McConnell ’54

Andrew MacKay ’50

James Mingo ’47

Murdoch MacPherson ’36

7 Lights Award

Anthony Sanderson ’94

David Finlayson ’94

Chris Chisholm ’86

Jay E. Minton Best Alumni Chapter Officer Award

Scott Christie- ’88 

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