Help us burn the house mortgage

The time of closing is at hand. Today you can help us burn the house mortgage. Our Mortgage on 6093 South St. will be paid off by June 2016. This is going to be a historic time for our chapter! As our plan to move the Chapter House forward gets finalized, we have the opportunity to make a huge difference in the lives of our undergraduate brothers in several dimensions. We want you to be a part of this. Donate now though to support this project.

new house exterior

The house had an all-new exterior installed in 2015, thanks to your donations.

First let us recognize that we have had close to 100 Gamma Rho Alumni donate since 2008 to make this dream a reality. We have raised in excess of $400,000 and put close to $430,000 into the house. This money has replaced the whole envelope of  the building to ensure we could continue the work inside. Roof, windows, siding, new stairs, paint, flag, new sign new gutters, if you have not been by to look at the work that your money has put into the house, do it! We have also invested $41,000 in the bathroom, essentially pulling the whole thing apart and reinstalling new showers, plumbing, toilets, counters, air systems and making it a seamless bathroom that is very easy to clean and will last for a long time. The next stage includes: Kitchen, Alumni Room, Basement. We are waiting for the final tally on what each of these pieces will cost as our last costing was completed in 2008. The house truly presents a more suitable image for our Fraternity.

Brothers, we need your support. We have leading donors such as Jim Lawley, Eric Thomson, Phil Fraser and Colin MacDonald who are donating over $28,000 / year  between them. Also special mention to some of our donors who have been contributing monthly since 2008- Scott Christie, Brian Miller, Glenn Anderson, Tony Sanderson, Ross Lawley and others. Imagine what we can do if everyone would jump on our monthly donation process at

We would love to get to 200 donors over the next year to ensure that we can complete this work quickly and move onto generating the scholarship money and having a Fraternity house full of members only. This would make for an amazing experience for all new members and Alumni. All of your donations are full tax deductible. You can donate monthly, weekly or make a contribution in December for end of the year contributions.

Your donation today will allow us to complete most of the renovation work in the summer of 2016 and create a wonderful environment for the brothers to recruit new members and keep our Fraternity growing and creating new values-based leaders.

In hoc signo vinces

Dave Finlayson for your fundraising team

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