Halifax Alumni Chapter

The Halifax Alumni Chapter was re-established in 1996 under the leadership of Phil Kempton ’92 and is associated with the Sigma Chi Chapter Gamma Rho.  The Active Undergraduate chapter was founded on May 5, 1933 to become the third Canadian Chapter and the 94th International Chapter.   It is located in Halifax Nova Scotia Canada and has brothers from Dalhousie University and St Marys University.

The Alumni Chapter represents brothers throughout Atlantic Canada from Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.  It is not just Halifax but the Greater Atlantic Canada Region.  Moreover we are the hub of the Atlantic Ocean with the best seafood in the world.  From the tastiest lobster to the fullest halibut and the greatest tuna, Nova Scotia provides the world with premiere seafood.

Halifax Nova Scotia is also the home of the 2013 Memorial Cup winners The “”Halifax Moooseheads” the best junior hockey in Eastern Canada. There is a lot to see in Halifax visit  www.destinationhalifax.com

We are always looking to rekindle brotherhood from alumni and active undergraduates. If you are not a member this is the time to join our alumni chapter.  We offer a number of social events each year.


Alumni within 100km of Halifax   $30

Alumni from away >100km of Halifax $20

Current Executive:

President:  Alan J. Williams (EX Grand Trustee)

Vice President: Ben Wedge

Treasurer:  Scott Christie

Social: Aaron Tamlyn

We would also like any stories that you can provide us with for our history section, as well as any news about Sigma Chi in the area.

In Hoc Signo Vinces,

Alan Williams President